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Changzhou Longlongsheng Warp Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading textile Machinery Manufacturer. We mainly handles in the research and manufacture of knitting machine line especially warp knitting machine.
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Why Pepole Choose Us

More than 20 years of warp knitting machinery design and manufacturing experience, Longer device life;

Spare parts for many years supply protection;

Feasibility Guidance for Complicated Warp Knitting Techniques;

Long-term use of equipment technical guidance, operation, maintenance and repair.

Our Misson
Provide advanced equipment to ensure product quality.With our expertise and service to global warp knitting users, we provide users with the perfect warp knitting machine solutions.
Our History
In 1998, after nearly two decades of trials and hardships, it opened a new era of longlongsheng from scratch, from small to large, and continuously moving toward sustained and rapid development.
Our products
Raschel knot specialized in knotless knitting machine R & D and manufacturing, a single needle bed and double needle bed more than 40 varieties.
Equipment applications
Our warp knitting machinery supports weaving of up to more than 1,000 kinds of nets. And according to your needs customized equipment.
people what say longlongsheng
Abide by our commitments, access to a wide range of users worldwide praise.
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