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GE2812-High Speed Double Needle-bar Warp Knitting Machine (RD)
  • GE2812-High Speed Double Needle-bar Warp Knitting Machine (RD)
Product Details Can weave mesh samples
Purpose and feature of the machine
This machine is apt to produce cloister 3D mesh net fabric and plush fabric.
The machine is equipped with oiled soaking connecting wheel system, electronic let-off.
Electronic take up and synchronous belt drive.

Technical Data
1. Working needle: Latch needle or embed latch needle
2. Machine gauge: E20, E22, E24, E28
3. Nominal width: 3500 mm (138”)
4. Number of guide bar: 5 / 6 / 7
5. Yarn let-off system: Electronic beam control (EBC)
6. Pattern device: Pattern disc, EL system
7. Trick plate distance infinitely variable: 2-12 mm
8. Fabric take-up: Electronic control
9. Batching device: 2 rollers with friction drive, separately-standing
10. Motor: Main Motor 5.5 kW with frequency convertor controlled
11. Machine speed: 350-600 r/min
12. Beam size: 21”, 30”
13. Machine Size: 6000 mm (L) x 6000 mm (W) x 3500 mm (H)
14. Machine Weight: Appro x 8000 kg

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Can weave mesh samples