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GE210 Warping Machine
  • GE210 Warping Machine
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Main technolongy parameter
1. Beam size:

A. 540×Ф762(mm)/21"×Ф30"(inch)

B. 540×Ф535(mm)/21"×Ф21"(inch)

2. Warper linear speed: 50-1000m/min
3. Motor Power: 7.5kw
4. Dimension of(L*W*H)Creel stand: 38000*3560*2300 (mm)
5. Warp creel type and capacity: 600 cones (upon customer's options)
6. Damping tension: YZZ damping tension which can bee adjusted on the range of 5-24, 20-100CN
7. Yarn storage: ≥10m
Main features
1. Main shaft is braked pneumatically with adjustable brake torque.
2. Beam lifting device adopts air-pressured parts with low nose liable and steady performance.
3. Novel men-machine interface, displaying data, condition, error message, simple operation.
4. Personalized design and intellectual identification of beam size, clearance operation, and automatic stopping device.
5. The machine is figured with oiling device, yarn storage device, fluff detector, tension roller and broken yarn stopping device.
6. The type and specification of the creel is according to customer's requirement.

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Can weave mesh samples

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