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GE211 Warping Machine
  • GE211 Warping Machine
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GE211 warping machine is suitable for warping polyamide and polyester filament, low elastic polyester fiber, viscose, and short-fiber yarn such as cotton yarn.
Main technolongy parameter
1.Beam size: 366×Ф450 (mm)/14"×Ф17" (inch)
2.Warp creel: 380 cones (at customer's option)
3.Warper speed: 100-600m/min
4.Motor Power: 3kw
5.Dimensions (L*W*H):
Warp head: 955×1355×955 (mm)
Creel stand: 16000×2268×2300 (mm)
Main features
1.Main motor is controlled by a closed-loop system which is made of an alternative frequency transformer and sensor, which insures the constant warp speed.
2.Handle warp beam automatically.
3.The extension reed can be adjusted on width and lateral automatically.
4.It has the rotation counter which can self-stop when up to a value.
5.The machine contains the oiling device and the tesional device.
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Can weave mesh samples

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