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GE212 High speed copy Warping Machine
  • GE212 High speed copy Warping Machine
Product Details Can weave mesh samples
GE528 high precision warping machine adopts computer frequency conversion control technology, frequency converter, server driver, PLC control and is suitable for warping polyester, polyamide and low elastic yarn.
Main technolongy parameter
1. Beam size: 21×Ф30(inch)、21×Ф21(inch)
2. Warping liner speed: 50-1000m/min
3. Main motor power for tension roller: 105kw(Variable frequency motor)
4. Motor power for tension roller: 1.5kw(server motor)
5. Control method of yarn storage control,up and down of beam, clamp and divorce of beam: Pneumatic
6. Beam type: automatic identification
7. Max counter range: 100000m(ring)
8. Mother beam data: 1 set
9. Copy precision(>3000 rings), same ring, the perimeter error≤0.25%
Main features
New type, easy operation, intelligent identification, auto-save data, electronic, gear, extension reed and measuring speed roller move entirely; The reed lead of tension roller pump to extend useful life.
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Can weave mesh samples

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