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High speed tape stretching machine
  • High speed tape stretching machine
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High speed tape stretching machine is used widely, it is suitable for processing of different of flat film with the material PP, HDPE.
The perfect mechanical properties ensure the stability of monofilaments and the sophisticated electric control system make the operation convenient and efficient.

High speed tape stretching machine


Item LLSPL-G100×33-800 LLSPL-G110×33-1100 LLSPL-G120×33-1300 LLSPL-G130×33-1500
Max output 290kg/h 380kg/h 500kg/h 600kg/h
Screw dia. 100mm 110mm 120mm 130mm
Ratio of L/D 33:1 33:1 33:1 33:1
Rotation of screw 20-120r/min 20-120r/min 20-120r/min 20-120r/min
T-Die 800mm 1100mm 1300mm 1500mm
Linear speed 450m/min 450m/min 450m/min 450m/min
Yarn fibre scope 60-200tex 60-200tex 60-200tex 60-200tex
Drawing ratio 4-10 4-10 4-10 4-10
Winder 128 spindles 184 spindles 224 spindles 256 spindles
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Can weave mesh samples

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