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SGE2320 Electronic Controlled Raschel Knitting Machine
  • SGE2320 Electronic Controlled Raschel Knitting Machine
Product Details Can weave mesh samples
Purpose and feature of the machine:
This high-performance single needle-bar Raschel warp knitting machine has been developed for many kinds of net fabrics such as mosquito net, chemical fiber garment net, technical net, medical net, knotless fishing net, quadrangle net.
The machine is equipped with the opened cam or the oiled eccentric gearing to drive the knitting elements And the electronic beam control, the electronic take-up control, the dynamic yarn tension detecting system.

Technical Data:

Working needles: Latch needles
Machine gaugeE6, E7, E8, E9, E12, E14, E16, E18, E20, E22
Number of guide bars2-8
Nominal width80", 135", 150", 180", 260”
Fabric batching device2 rollers with friction drive
4 rollers with friction drive center shaft drive
2 rollers with friction drive, separately-standing center shaft driven, separately-standing

Machine Type Machine Size
Machine Weight
Power Supply(KW) MachineSpeed
Main Moto Inching Moto
SGE2320-80TL 3600×2200×2600 ~4200 3 0.37 200-550
SGE2320-135TL 5400×2200×2600 ~4800 3 0.37 200-550
SGE2320-150TL 5600×2200×2600 ~6000 3 0.37 200-550
SGE2320-180TL 6300×2200×2600 ~7000 5.5 0.75 200-550
SGE2320-260TL 8200×2200×2600 ~11000 7.5 1.5 200-500

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Can weave mesh samples