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GE2819 Double Needle-bar Shading Net Machine
  • GE2819 Double Needle-bar Shading Net Machine
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This double raschel machine is apt for production of many kinds of shading nets such as for planting vegetables, flowers and trees. vegetable mesh bag.


The machine can work in a wide polymerize monofilaments or filament yarns.

Technical Data

1. Machine type: Double needle-bar Raschel warp-knitting machine
2. Working needIes: Latch needles
3. Machine gauge: E2, E3, E6
4. Nominal width: 170" (4318mm), 210" (5334mm), 260” (6604mm), 330” (8382mm)
5. Number of guide bars: 4 ground guide bars and 5 pattern guide bars
6. Yarn let-off device: Positive 3-roller system (4 sets)
7. Range of yarn run-in: 6.25- 45.6mm / course
8. Modified loop density range of fabric take-up: 2.0- 14.5 course/cm
9. Maximal diameters of fabric batching: φ1270mm
10. Machine speed: Max. 600 rpm (the speed can be adjusted stepless)

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