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Warp knitting Machine

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GE2816 Electronic Controlled Raschel Machine
  • GE2816 Electronic Controlled Raschel Machine
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Purpose and feature of the machine

This machine is used to produce double needle bar knotless fishing net; sport net and safety net. It is equipped with the oiled eccentric gearing to drive and adopted electronic let-off, electronic take-up. Also can select electric shogging.

Technical Data

1. Working needles: Latch needle
 2. Machine Gauge: E6, E8, E12
3. Nominal Width: 84” (2134mm), 135” (3429mm)
4. Number of Guide bar: 6-8
5. Let-off system: Mechanical or EBA
6. Beam of shaft: 6
7. Pattern Device: Chain link or EL

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Can weave mesh samples

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