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GE298 Warp knitting Machine
  • GE298 Warp knitting Machine
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Purpose and feature of the machine:

This machine is apt for the production of 3D-mattress. coral flannelette seat cushion; other sandwich fabric and bird net.

The machine is equipped with oil soaking connecting wheel system, embed latch needle, six spindle electronic let-off. Electronic take up, and synchronous belt drive.

Technical Data: 
Machine type: Raschel Double needle-bar Warp Knitting Machine 
Working Needle: Latch needle or embed latch needle 
Machine gauge: E8, E12, E16, E18, E22 
Nominal Width: 2540mm (100”) 
Number of Guide Bar: 6 bars 
Yarn Let-off Device: electronic Beam control 
Pattern drive: N-drive with pattern drum 
Trick plate distance infinitely variable: 3-30mm 
Fabric take-up: Eletronic Control 
Batching device: 2 rollers with friction drive, separately-standing 
Motor: Main motor: 3-phase asynchronous motor, 3kw, with frequency convertor controlled 
Inching Motor: 1.1KW 
Machine speed (RPM):350-500 
Beam: 21inch 
Machine size: 4900×4300×3200mm ( L×W×H ) 
Machine weight: approx.6000 Kg

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