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Why chomose us?
We Created in 1995,
We are experienced in the industry
We are a trustworthy professional company
We have perfect quality control system
We have excellent processing equipment
Since 1995,we have had to focus on high-performance tricot machine development and manufacturing,and global enterprises to maintain a good number of weaving cooperative.
Mechanical products
>SGE2318-TL Single Needle-bar Warp Knitting Machine
>SGE2319-TL Single Needle-bar Warp Knitting Machine
>SGE2318 RascheI Warp Knitting Machine
>SGE2319 Knotless Fishing Net Raschel Machine
>SGE2320 Electronic Controlled Raschel Machine
>GE2819 Double Needle-bar Shading Net Machine
>GE2816 Double Warp Knitting Plush Machine
>GE288 Double Warp Knitting Pile Machine
Our network products,widely used in security,sports,agriculture,leisure and other industries...
Net products
>Apparel Fabrics
>Basic, Medical Mesh
>Sports Net
>Double Needle-bed
>Fish Net
>Shoes Cap Mesh
>Curtain Mesh
>Shade Mesh
    Our plant mainly engages in research, development and production of Raschel machines. It has been proved that Raschel machines researched and produced by our plant are ranking the leading position in the same industry nationwide afte...
Contact Us
Tel: 086-519-85323288
Fax: 086-519-85323599
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